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Visiting hours: 11am -1pm and 4pm- 8pm 
4163288 ext 221



Our team of admission nurses provides care to our admitted patients on the ward in the A.M. Edwards Medical Center.

Admittance takes place to treat internal -, cardiac -, pulmonologic - or infectious - disease, revalidation, observation, or palliative care. Many of these admittances are done in close consultation with specialists elsewhere and include step-down care.

The ward of the A.M. Edwards Medical Center has 4 patient rooms; a three-person male ward, a three-person female ward, one private room, and an isolation room.


Most of our patients will stay in the three-person rooms. Patients will only be submitted into a private room based on medical requirements and availability.

All the rooms are equipped with a television and books are available for your entertainment.


Admission preparations
During the admission process one of our nurses will ask you for the following information:


  • A valid identity document (ID card, passport, driving license, or residence permit).

  • Name and Number of the person who will be your care contact. It is important that this person is able to be present during the consults with the physician. Every patient is entitled to one care contact. The care contact is able to visit the patient 24/7. 

  • Taking a brief medical history.

  • Documenting any medication you may take and any allergies you have.

  • Checking your vitals such as; pulse, blood pressure, and temperature.

  • Asking you for a urine sample.

  • Your diet list, if you have one.

Being admitted can be stressful for some people, but our aim is to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
We kindly ask that you bring:


  • Essential accessories such as your glasses, hearing aid, walker, cane, wheelchair, or scooter.

  • Day and nightwear, dressing gown, slippers, socks, extra underwear, slippers for the shower wash bag, and toiletries.

What we ask you not to bring:

  • Large amounts of money

  • Jewelry, valuables, and credit cards

We encourage you to leave valuables such as large sums of money, jewelry, and other personal items at home. We cannot accept any liability for loss, damage, or theft of money, jewelry, or other personal property.

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