Patient Satisfaction Survey

Dear patient: this questionnaire is about the service you received provided by Saba Cares Foundation. Please tell us your opinion about your experience during your visit or stay in our facilities to continually improve our service to our patients. Your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

Thank you for your help

Your appointment

Ease of making appointments by phone
Appointment available within a reasonable amount of time
Getting care for illness/injury as soon as you needed it
Time in the waiting room
Keeping you informed if your appointment time was delayed
Ease of getting a referral when you needed one

Our communication with you

Your calls answered promptly
Our ability to return your call in a timely manner
Explanation of your procedure (if applicable)
Explaining things in a way you could understand
Your test results reported in a reasonable amount of time
Getting advice or assistance when needed

Our staff

The courtesy and friendliness of the person who took your call
The caring concern about our nurses/medical staff
The time the staff spent with you was sufficient
How was your privacy? (Could other patients overhear what you talked about with the receptionist)
The patience of our cleaning staff
The helpfulness of the staff who assisted you with billing or insurance

Your visit

Which health care proffesional did you visit
Willingness to listen carefully to you
Taking time to answer your questions
Amount of time spent with you
Explaining things in the way you could understand
Instructions regarding medication/follow up care
Instructions regarding medication/follow up care

Your stay

Rate the food that was served
The choice of food offered to you
The care provided is suitable to your needs
Your involvement in the care plan
The care you received is according to your care plan
The nurses/medical staff are knowledgeable about your health issues

Our facility

Hours of operation convenient to you
Cleanliness of the department
Cleanliness of your room
It feels like a home away from home
The safety of our facility
Overall comfort

Overall satisfaction with

Our practice
The quality of our (medical) care
How would you rate Saba Cares
Would you recommend Saba Cares to others

Our facility

Your details

What category of patient are you
Who was the main person who filled in this questionnaire

Note: all questions should be answered from the patient/client’s point of view!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey, your opinion matters to us.